Victorinox Alliance Quartz 40mm, Blauwe wijzerplaat met edelstalen band inclusief Swiss Army Knife

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Like its owner, the Alliance Watch is the strong, silent type. It appears to fly under the radar, and it never makes a fuss – but take a closer look beneath its surface, and you’ll find details that reveal complete confidence. Its design is subtle and elegant, defining it as a watch that’s there to do a job, and to look good doing it. But the Alliance does more than just tell time – it tells the world that you know exactly what you’re doing.

Generously sized hands and pyramidal markers provide effortless time readability

Uurwerk: Quartz - Analog
Bijzonderheden: Datum, inclusief Swiss Army Knife
Behuizing: Edelstaal
Formaat: 40mm
Waterdichtheid: 100m
Wijzerplaat: Blauw
Glas: Saffierglas
Horlogeband: Edelstaal
Horlogeband kleur: Zilver
Sluiting: Dubbele vouwsluiting
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